Collaborative and Community Outreach at Centre Ballet

In opening Centre Ballet in 2015, it was top priority for us to reach out into our community to find and work with amazing Artists, and we did not have to look far. We have been honored to have several community Artists, of all ages and genres, join our Centre Ballet family to offer amazing collaborative performances in what has become our much-anticipated Annual Collaborative Arts Concert.

We are always looking for amazing Artists to join us! Please contact us if you are interested!

In addition, another top priority for Centre Ballet has been to reach out to our school system and offer Lecture Demonstration performances to our local schools to bring much needed Arts exposure and education to all students. This has also become a highlight for our students to be able to participate in these amazing opportunities, and oh so much fun!!

Please reach out to us by contacting us here if you would like Centre Ballet to bring these special performances to your school, organization, or event.

We are here to share our love of the Arts with our Community!


Art Programs with Ms. Cleaves

Montessori School Collaboration

Community Arts Collaboration - Collaborative Arts Concert - To see images from these click below.

Art Walk

Statesville Christmas Parade

Educational Outreach 2019