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Our tuition is based on the 9-9.5 months of instruction, of
which there are some months with 4 weeks, and some with 5

At CB, we take care that students are prepared for each class they wish to participate in. For safety and proper technical ability and success, some classes have prerequisites to ensure the student is properly prepared.

At CB, there is a progression of ability that each student
must follow for success. It may be that your child may need to
start out in a lower level and/or seek out private instruction to
work up to the level of his/her age group. CB wants success for
proper progression for each and every student. CB is always
happy to discuss a plan to achieve a student’s personal goals.

At CB, first and foremost, we are committed to honoring the
Art of Classical Ballet, its traditions and reasons for structure.
Having a “uniform” is a part of that culture and etiquette of
traditional classical ballet training, the discipline, and the aesthetic

of the training process. This tradition has given students a sense
of pride and belonging, as well as responsibility and accountability. At CB, we do our best to choose comfortable and
practical uniforms for each class.

CB presents a studio wide Winter Concert in January (Collaborative Arts Concert), and a studio wide Spring Concert
(Story Ballet) in May. There are additional opportunity for smaller
community presentations that are volunteer based (Educational

In all performing Arts, the students are portraying a role or
character, not themselves. One way the performing Arts achieves
that is through costumes, make up and props/sets. Also, when on
stage performing, stage lighting washes out facial features of
dancers if those features are not enhanced, therefore expressions of dancers are difficult to see from the audience.

Part of the training process requires the instructor’s ability to
see the student’s physique in the close-fitting uniform that is
necessary for training. It allows the instructor to guide and correct
alignment/movement. If your child needs an outer layer for
warmth, there are specific warmups that may be purchased to be
worn in class. Please reach out to Ms. Ware for information.