"I have a deep passion for this beautiful Art of dance, and for investing in each and every individual student in our Centre Ballet family as we discover and develop their inner artist."

S. Noel Ware - Owner

“If you are looking for superb classical ballet training, look no further. Centre Ballet will provide your child the best foundation in classical ballet which will not only produce a beautiful dancer but will serve him/her in all other genres of dance from jazz to contemporary. Ms. Noel utilizes a codified curriculum, with each level building upon another, developing a dancer skilled in both form and technique. At Centre Ballet, your dancer will not only learn to dance, but will develop creativity, perseverance, and discipline of mind and body in a loving and encouraging environment.”

April Thompson

“I went to a placement class for my college and they put me in Advanced Ballet. They told me my technique was good and I had a great understanding of Ballet. They also said, whoever trained me knew exactly what they were doing”.

Cnidarian Lewis

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