In The Ballet Studio

Welcome to the “World of Dance”. We know it can be overwhelming, knowing how to navigate exactly where to begin with ballet classes.

Here at Centre Ballet, we keep it simple because that’s how a strong dance foundation should begin. Our foundation is built on The Cecchetti Method of classical ballet training.

We are a small studio with small classes that allows us to give high quality instruction and one on one attention, giving our students personalized success paths.

Our foundation is rooted in Classical Ballet, the best foundation to build regardless of what type of dance your child gravitates toward.

Classical Ballet creates beautiful dancers of all genres, and it gives one all of the necessary tools for success in many areas, not only in dance, but in every day life.

Come and begin a beautiful journey in dance with us at Centre Ballet, and you can give us a try for FREE!

Our students have the opportunity to take part in two major productions each year!
Centre Ballet's Annual Winter Collaborative Arts Concert
Centre Ballet reaches into the community every year to collaborate with unbelievably talented artists of all genres and ages, to produce a much anticipated, eclectic and unforgettable performance of beautiful ART.
Centre Ballet's Annual Spring Concert Story Ballet
Each year, CB produces a beloved story ballet that has become a favorite event, especially for our students. They get to pair their love of dance AND acting! Past productions include The Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Peter and the Wolf and Coppelia
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“I have a deep passion for this beautiful art of dance, and for investing in each and every individual student in our Centre Ballet family as we discover and develop their inner artist.”

– Sarah Noel Ware – Owner & Founder, Centre Ballet


“If you are looking for superb classical ballet training, look no further. Centre Ballet will provide your child the best foundation in classical ballet which will not only produce a beautiful dancer but will serve him/her in all other genres of dance from jazz to contemporary. Ms. Noel utilizes a codified curriculum, with each level building upon another, developing a dancer skilled in both form and technique. At Centre Ballet, your dancer will not only learn to dance, but will develop creativity, perseverance, and discipline of mind and body in a loving and encouraging environment.”

-April Thompson

Our Ballet Classes

We are a full ballet and dance studio that focuses on the artistry of dance with emphasis on the Cecchetti Method of Ballet. We begin with ages as young as 3 in Discover Dance and offer ballet classes through pointe level and even offer adult ballet. We also offer other classes such as jazz, contemporary and tap. We encourage you to contact us for a free evaluation for placement in the correct class.

Previous Guest Instructors

Every year, we invite acclaimed instructors from around the country to work with our students in summer intensive camps. Each instructor brings delight and a new level of learning to our ballet classes and allows our students to get a full understanding of dance from other perspectives without having to leave Statesville.

Rebecca Klaft

Rebecca chose to further her dance education at the University of North Carolina School of the Arts (UNCSA). Since attending college, she has had the opportunity to perform in such works as Shen Wei’s Behind Resonance, Larry Keigwin’s Kingdom, Robyn Mineko-William’s Go Lo, Trisha Brown’s Solo Olos, Merce Cunningham’s Change of Address, Martha Graham’s Panorama, Cara Hagan’s Space Beginning Because Us, Ton Simons’ Measuring Blue, Catherine Miller’s Mind Mapping, and various pieces by Sean Sullivan and Brenda Daniels.

Brad Parquette

Brad performed as a member of the Colorado Ballet, Tampa Ballet, Ballet Mississippi, Maryland Ballet, Ballet El Paso, and the West Virginia Dance Company. He is former faculty at West Virginia's Governor's School for the Arts, and the school for the Maryland Ballet. He directed the dance department at the Performing Arts School of Worcester (MA), taught at UNCG, and served as Ballet Master of the Greensboro Ballet (NC). Currently he is faculty at Appalachian State, The Space at Project Dance, and the East Tennessee Ballet Academy.

Alissa Waller

Alissa is currently on the faculty at Charlotte Ballet Academy where she teaches ballet and pointe technique in the intermediate division and conditioning for the pre-professional division. The students she has trained have gone on to have professional careers in dance with some of the best ballet companies in the world.

Karen Gibbons-Brown

Karen is the artistic director at Fort Wayne Ballet and has a long list of credentials including founding the Kingsport Guild of Ballet and became Artistic Director of the State of Franklin Dance Alliance at its inception in 1988. Her professional experiences also include South Carolina Chamber Dance Ensemble, Ballet Celeste, Bristol Ballet and the Theatre Ballet of San Francisco

Sayward Russell Grindley

Sayward has previously held positions at Carolina Ballet, Sarasota Ballet, Sarasota Contemporary Dance, Appalachian State University, and directed her own professional modern dance company and ballet school

Frequently Asked Questions

Our tuition is based on the 9-9.5 months of instruction, of
which there are some months with 4 weeks, and some with 5

At CB, we take care that students are prepared for each class they wish to participate in. For safety and proper technical ability and success, some classes have prerequisites to ensure the student is properly prepared.

At CB, there is a progression of ability that each student
must follow for success. It may be that your child may need to
start out in a lower level and/or seek out private instruction to
work up to the level of his/her age group. CB wants success for
proper progression for each and every student. CB is always
happy to discuss a plan to achieve a student’s personal goals.

At CB, first and foremost, we are committed to honoring the
Art of Classical Ballet, its traditions and reasons for structure.
Having a “uniform” is a part of that culture and etiquette of
traditional classical ballet training, the discipline, and the aesthetic

of the training process. This tradition has given students a sense
of pride and belonging, as well as responsibility and accountability. At CB, we do our best to choose comfortable and
practical uniforms for each class.

CB presents a studio wide Winter Concert in January (Collaborative Arts Concert), and a studio wide Spring Concert
(Story Ballet) in May. There are additional opportunity for smaller
community presentations that are volunteer based (Educational

In all performing Arts, the students are portraying a role or
character, not themselves. One way the performing Arts achieves
that is through costumes, make up and props/sets. Also, when on
stage performing, stage lighting washes out facial features of
dancers if those features are not enhanced, therefore expressions of dancers are difficult to see from the audience.

Part of the training process requires the instructor’s ability to
see the student’s physique in the close-fitting uniform that is
necessary for training. It allows the instructor to guide and correct
alignment/movement. If your child needs an outer layer for
warmth, there are specific warmups that may be purchased to be
worn in class. Please reach out to Ms. Ware for information.

More Questions?