For ages 18mos-5yrs

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Centre Ballet is proud to offer this movement developmental licensed program for our young students in their journey towards developing a joy and appreciation for the Art of Dance.

DDE was created based on the concept of movement through developmental milestones in the early years of growth and learning. This program is specific to the ages of approximately 18 months-6 years of age. DDE uses music, props, stories and creative dance through a conceptual approach for a magical and unforgettable experience for your child.

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For Ages 6+

Classical Ballet Technique

Centre Ballet’s foundation is Classical Ballet training, based on a traditional training syllabus that has spanned hundreds of years. Our primary training system is the Cecchetti codified syllabus. We also educate our students on other methods of Classical Ballet, so that they are educated in and aware of other training methods and differences in the dance world.

Centre Ballet students are educated in all things Classical Ballet, from the history to the etiquette and deep rooted traditions , and of course, classical music and composers.

“Our experience at Centre Ballet has been amazing! The best part about Centre Ballet is that the students are participating in Fine Arts Education, that goes well beyond basic dance instruction. On the dance education side, the students are learning about composers, components of music history, foundational ballet skills, along with dance movements and skill development. On the social side, the dancers learn to follow oral directions and how to collaborate with a small group. Centre Ballet offers a variety of classes during the fall/spring semesters, and numerous summer clinics to try something new without committing to a full semester. The pace and tuition is just right for our dancer and our busy family. My daughter is able to attend weekly classes, and perform in 2 fabulous, events each year., that save us hundreds of dollars on costumes, make-up, and accessories. The performances are fabulous, and I mean that! Our dancer’s father and both grandfathers have shed tears at the last 2 performances! My daughter started classes 2 years ago, and we can truly see the evolution of her skills and confidence level.”

Alicia Eller

For Ages 9+ & 2 Years Ballet


Centre Ballet’s Jazz Instruction is based on codified syllabus of Luigi, as well as Jazz pioneers such as Simonson, Fosse, Robbins, and Giordano, all of whose techniques are modernized yet reach back to the roots of African and European traditions.

Most of these styles and techniques are used in Concert, Broadway, and Theatrical settings at Centre Ballet.

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For ages 10+ & 2 Years Ballet

Modern Contemporary Dance

Modern and contemporary dance genres are a vital part of Centre Ballet’s well rounded dance curriculum. Once our students have a beginning foundation in classical ballet, they are encouraged to explore other genres in order to expand as dancers to become well versed.

At Centre Ballet, the primary method of Modern teaching is the Horton technique. In addition, the students are educated on other methods within the modern and contemporary genres so that they are well versed in these methods as they continue their dance education.

Modern and contemporary dance allows students a unique and more freeing creativity of expression of movement.

“Mrs. Noel is a gift to our community. She loves the Arts and is passionate about sharing that love and her knowledge with her ballet students, but also with teh students of Iredell County Schools. In her studio, she provides a solid foundation in classical ballet, history of dance, musical composers, accomplished dancers, and choreographers. In our community, she takes her dancers into the schools to share the art with elementary school students. She provides an old-school atmosphere with high expectations, commitment, discipline, and respect. The students shine as a result.”

Ages 8+ & 2 Years Ballet

Lyrical Ballet

Lyrical dance does not exist as a technique unto itself like Ballet, Jazz or Modern. It does not have a codified syllabus and is not considered a dance genre in itself. Lyrical dance movement pulls from Ballet and Jazz technique and is set to music with lyrics. The movement of lyrical dance is strongly driven by emotion of the lyrics and music theme.

Centre Ballet offers a lyrical class that focuses on choreography and freedom of movement and expression.

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PBT Class

All Ballet Students

Progressing Ballet Technique

Centre Ballet students work with the PBT program as a part of their Classical Ballet Training, led by a PBT Certified Instructor.

Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) is an innovative body conditioning and strengthening program developed by Marie Walton-Mahon for studens to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best. One of the important elements used in the PBT method is muscle memory which helps to improve students’ understanding of core stability, weight placement and alignment. Each exercise in the PBT program has been developed with care and guidance by Marie Walton-Mahon along with a team of physiotherapists.

All Ballet Students

Dance Anatomy

At Centre Ballet, students learn about movement and injury prevention through the study of Human Anatomy as it pertains to specific movements in dance. Through their progression of classical ballet training, they learn and memorize the skeletal anatomy, as well as the muscular system including tendons, ligaments and tissue involved in  the movements dancers execute daily. By teaching this, the students develop an understanding of how and why they execute movements and do so in a safer manner for ultimate training and performance.


After 5.5 hours/week, unlimited at $185.00

“Not only is my daughter learning the art and beauty of ballet, but she is also having fun exploring other styles, enjoying music and movement, and becoming more disciplined. Everyone at Centre Ballet is not only helpful, but also encouraging and patient.”

Kathleen Scott

"When the student finds JOY in the process, the dancer is born."

- William Waldinger

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