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Cinderella Madi Mice 2022

Ages 3 - 6

Centre Ballet is proud to offer Discover Dance. This is a movement developmental licensed program for our young students in their journey towards developing a joy and appreciation for the Art of Dance. This year DD added Acro and Tap to the curriculum.

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Ages 7 - 10

At Centre Ballet we offer a 3 level classical ballet curriculum for this age group. Students at this level have 2 performances a year along with community performances and outreach programs they can also take part in.

Caroline Cleaves 1 Winter 2020

Ages 11+

This level of student begins the Classical Ballet curriculum that builds beyond the Primary curriculums to begin to prepare for Pointe work with Pre Pointe classes, if they so choose.


Pre-Pointe & Pointe

This level requires more time commitment in that the Pointe curriculum take great focus, committment and dedication. Students choosing to dance en Pointe must take a minimum of three ballet classes per week. The minimum age for this level is generally 12.


Adult Ballet

At Centre Ballet we believe it's never too early to learn dance technique.

PBT Class

PBT & Dance Anatomy

Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) is an innovative body conditioning and strengthening program developed by Marie Walton-Mahon for studens to understand the depth of training muscle memory in achieving their personal best.


Modern & Contemporary

Modern and contemporary dance genres are a vital part of Centre Ballet’s well rounded dance curriculum. At Centre Ballet, the primary method of Modern teaching is the Horton technique.

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Centre Ballet’s Jazz Instruction is based on codified syllabus of Luigi, as well as Jazz pioneers such as Simonson, Fosse, Robbins, and Giordano, all of whose techniques are modernized yet reach back to the roots of African and European traditions. Most of these styles and techniques are used in Concert, Broadway, and Theatrical settings at Centre Ballet.


Dance History & Composers

All Centre Ballet students learn about the rich history of the Art of dance, as well as learning about pertinent Classical music composers. This teaches them the importance of carrying on this beautiful tradition of the Art of Classical dance, which goes hand in hand with Classical music.

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